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The Story of Robin's Nest.


During the 2014 concert series, the audience at Robin's Nest was treated to a song written especially for Robin by Biscuits & Honey guitarist and friend, Kurt Roggli. It was a hit. It captured the moment, the mood and our hearts. Here are the lyrics to Robin's song, 'The Robin's Nest.'



She often would, when the music's good, dream of a backyard fest,

With a band on stage, who's all the rage and a couple hundred guests.

She strung some lights, put out some mics, I think you know the rest.

Called a few good friends, said "Let the fun begin" and called it Robin's Nest.



From word of mouth, North and South they came both East and West.

Some said be wise, don't advertise or they'll place you under arrest.

She said "I don't care, fair is fair", raised her middle finger in jest,

Stuck out her jaw said "Damn the law!" there'll be music at Robin's Nest.



With the stars above, another summer of love has come to our little town.

People hum along, to their favorite song, happiness all around.

Bounce in your seat, to the rhythm's beat, to every note and rest.

And thank your stars, no need for bars, there's music at Robin's Nest.



When it's time to go, everyone knows you just fold up your chairs impressed.

You say "Amen", she's done it again, the congregation's been blessed.

Speaking from the heart, the folks at College Park surely must confess,

With such great friends, may it never end down at Robin's  Nest.

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